Sunny W

Sunny fell off a ship and into the cycling world. After literally falling 40 ft onto a barge, breaking his entire left side, Sunny healed physically but mentally he needed more. The mental healing came when he hopping on a bike. Freedom. Life. Adventure. Unparalleled joy. All the things Sunny most craved, he found on a tiny saddle, two flat pedals, and 19 pounds of bicycle parts.

The first thing you will notice about Sunny is his calm but intoxicating excitement, casually contained under layers of humility and sincerity. The kind of excitement that makes his eyes smile even when he is serious. He may not be jumping like a child with candy, but the true passion for his work is given away in subtle smiles, in quiet moments, and in every precise adjustment he makes on each and every bike he touches.

Sunny Velo Stop 1 year ago and has grown it  through new eyes. Riding gave him freedom and health. Velo Stop gives him the ability to share that with you. Sunny sees cycling from the perspective of someone who has defied death. He is running Velo Stop with the values brought on by that experience. More than anything Sunny wants his shop to be a place to visit, to learn, to chill (there’s even a couch), and above all to enjoy life. Velo Stop and Sunny are going to be here for a very long time.

Facts about Sunny:

He love singing and has an amazing tenor voice.
His business role model is Doug Emerson from University Bicycles… “because he is so humble.”
He genuinely cares about people and it shows in everything he does.


Erik B

Erik can’t grow a beard but he can fix a bike. After 5 years in the military, Erik has proudly proclaimed that he is now ‘ready to go crazy.’ He is growing out his hair, getting tattoos and learning to work on bikes.

You can’t see it, but across his back Erik has engraved the names of the most important people in his life - his family. “Family is forever.” He might not know exactly what the future holds, but one thing is certain for this young man: he will surround himself with a family. Sometimes it will be his relatives and sometimes it will be the family that he creates of friends.

The outdoors call to Erik like a mother calling a child home. It makes sense that Erik prefers to spend most of his free time outside enjoying the Colorado mountains he grew up in.

Facts about Erik:

He dyed his hair black in middle school… but never again.
He has spent almost $8k on tattoos.
More than anything else, he loves working with his hands and seeing the results of his work.