Beginner Level

30 minute session, $50 (no appointment needed, but please call ahead)

The Beginner fit is recommended for all bikes, whether it's a bike you've recently purchased or a bike you already own. 

What's included -

  • Adjust saddle height & fore/aft position
  • Adjust stem for best handlebar position
  • Recommend best foot positioning on pedal, discuss clipless pedals
  • Based on this fit, we will make sizing recommendations as needed

Enthusiast Level

60 - 120 minute Session, $90 - 180 (please schedule an appointment below)

The Enthusiast level fit is ideal for someone new to cycling looking to improve their overall cycling experience.

This fit option is also recommended for more experienced riders who need specific concerns addressed, where the fitter and rider can tackle nuanced problems that the rider may have.

What's included - 

Beginner Level fit plus:

  • Physical condition assessment
  • Comprehensive assessment of handlebar and shifter positioning (a stem change could be recommended at an additional charge)
  • All points of contact paid attention to. Saddle options, cleat wedges, and footbeds/inserts will also be discussed and changed as needed (additional charges for parts may apply)

Pro Level

Minimum 120 minutes (billed in 20-minute increments beyond the first 120), $180 and up (please schedule an appointment below)

Here we use a power-capable trainer to see real time changes take affect.

What's included -

Enthusiast Level fit plus:

  • Complete review of rider history, including past experiences in cycling and medical issues, goals going forward in the sport
  • Comprehensive flexibility and biomechanics assessment in relation above interview
  • Sensor based motion analysis
  • Follow up visit included (appointment needed via email)
  • Discounts for translating this fit to other bikes