Bike Rental

Same Business Day - $50

24 hrs - $75

Additional 24 hrs - $30

7-Day - $250

Helmet - $10

Bike Demo

Per Day - $150

Helmet - $10

Equipment Rental

Bike Transport Bag* - $75/wk

Bike Prep for Transport with Bag Rental- $50

*Thule RoundTrip Pro Travel Case

Rental Bikes

Cannandale Synapse Alloy, Acid Red
Cannandale Synapse Alloy, Acid Green
Cannondale CAAD Optimo, Acid Green
Cannondale CAAD Optimo, Ash Gray

Demo Bikes

All-new Habit 4

Let's get started!

Step 1: Rent or Demo?

  • Rent if you're in town for a few days or have family/friends visiting
  • Demo if you are trying out bikes to purchasing
  • We will apply your full demo or rental fee towards bike purchases made within 6 weeks

Step 2: Contact us

  • Check in with us so that we can get everything lined up for you
  • We require ID and a major credit card when you pick up your bike

Step 3: Finishing touches

  • Plan at least a week in advance of your rental/demo
  • Measure your seat height from the center of crank axle
  • Bring the pedals you typically use or know for sure what type they are and we'll try our best to get you a set
  • Don’t ride wet, muddy trails. We care about the health of our local trail systems, and reserve the right to charge extra for cleaning
  • Ask questions! We are here to help and can guide you to the best riding in town
  • Have a plan for safe transportation and storage of our demo bikes when they are in your possession.

IMPORTANT: Damage Policy

It is our intention to provide you our customers with bikes in excellent condition so that you have a safe and fun riding experience. In order to do this, we repair any and all damages in a timely manner, so that all our bikes are safe and fun to take out for a spin. By signing our rental form when you pick-up your bike, you also agree and consent to do the following:

  • You will assess the condition of your rental/demo bike and address any concerns before it is taken out. At this time, please note and bring to our attention any existing blemishes or anything else that may you find concerning.
  • We will inspect all bikes for crash damage upon return. You will be required to be present while we do this, so plan to stay for about 10 minutes after dropping off.
  • All components that are damaged and require replacement will be charge at the expense of the rider who purchased the demo.
  • Replacement parts will be charged at our cost.
  • We aim to be fair and reasonable without financially compromising our ability to continue providing demo services.
  • Detailed notes will be kept on each bike, its condition, and any prior damage and/or repairs that have been done.
  • Thank you for understanding and adhering to these policies!